Wireless 5.1 Surround Speakers

Check out our wireless speaker listings to find one of the best wireless 5.1 surround systems for your home or office and other places you choose. This new product provides amazing quality surround sound with the main feature of wireless which means that you will now be able to connect your speakers to the link main station without wires or cables only via wireless. Forget about mess in your house because now speakers are much more innovative. Read on to see which are currently the top 5 ones on the market.

Like any other wireless product this wireless speakers work without wires, but you will need a link station which comes together if you buy the whole theater system. There are many different ones but what you want to choose are the wireless 5.1 surround systems which include 5 speakers plus 1 sub woofer. You get 2 front wireless speakers, two rear wireless speakers, one center speakers, sub woofer and a link main station where you can play your favorite CD, DVDs and others. Also it supports USB.

If you are interested in the price for such amazing products, well let me tell you that they are really cheap. The price vary like brands vary, you have many brands in that market like: Bose, Panasonic, Samsung, Creative Labs, Sony and others. Prices range from 200$-1990$, but one of the best wireless surround systems are only around 300$ which is really cheap to have your own theater system wireless.

Here is the list of the best wireless 5.1 surround systems:

  • Samsung HT-Z310T 5.1 Home Theater Surround Sound System Wireless- Total power output is 1000 watts. FM/RDS tuner included.
  • Creative Labs Giga Works 550W 5.1 System - Satellites 36 watts RMS, sub woofer 130 watts RMS, ideal for gaming, watching movies or listening music.
  • Panasonic SC-PT760 5.1 Speakers 1000 Watts
  • Sony DAV-HDX275 Bravia 5.1 1000 Watts Wireless
  • Bose Lifestyle Wireless Surround Link

Used Drum Kit

You have bought a dvd drum lesson, you have had the dream of learning the drums since you were a teenager and now you're set to give it a try. Only thing missing is a drum kit.

Drum kits can be expensive and when you're first starting off a brand new kit isn't always in the budget. Thankfully there are several great places you can shop for used kits online, you just need to know what to look for.

Where to Look

Classified websites like Kijiji and Craigs list are the first places you should check. People looking to get rid of a kit most often post it on these websites first. While ebay is a possibility due to the nature of a drum kit being quite large it's not that easy to send through the mail.

Before visit the seller and inspect the drum kit before making a deal, this is good practice to ensure you're not getting a kit that's damaged. Often times people selling a used drum kit used to play but haven't done so in quite a while and the kit is just collecting dust and taking up space. Ensure the kit has been stored in a dry place and has no water damage, if the kit isn't together ask if you can assemble it to get a good look at it and test it out.

Things to Look for

As mentioned if you can get the kit setup to test you'll be able to tell what sort of shape the drum heads and cymbals are in. If a kit needs new heads or skins this isn't necessarily bad if you can factor it into the price you pay.

Be sure to test the pedals for the high hat and kick drum, these can become stiff over time you'll also want to ensure there is no rust or corrosion on the chains.

While you might see some scratches or nicks on the kit don't let that bother you as it doesn't affect the sound unless they're dents use those visual defects as a bargaining tool when making a deal with the seller.